For so many families items like cribs and carseats are luxuries.   RMC collects gently used child and baby gear and gives to local children who would otherwise go without.  

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"you have not lived a day until you have done something for someone that can never repay you."  -John Bunyam


There are over 5,000 homeless children in Wake County. Currently 23,300 families are on the waitlist for affordable housing. There are children and babies in our community who are going without beds to sleep in, carseats to travel in and blankets to keep them warm. 

The average wake county teachers earn a $35,915 salary and are forced to buy necessary classroom items out of their own pockets. We have 12 schools in Wake County with over 70% of their student body on free and reduced lunches.

We are here to help, but cannot do it alone.
We believe our teachers and students should have everything they need to ensure the optimal learning enviornment. Each semester we award one teacher and his/her classroom with a $500 grant to spend how they feel would most benefit their individual classroom. 
Raleigh Moms Care operates solely on volunteers who are passionate about making a real difference in our community. Whether you are interested in joining a committee, being part of our Social or attending one of our events, we offer many opportunities for you to get involved.
​ We also live and breath by your financial contributions. Raleigh Moms Care would simply not survive without monetary support. For more information on how you can donate or become a sponsor, please fill out our contact form below!

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